Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lost To Soon.

It's been awhile since I posted on here. Sorry about that.  I really should have posted on Wednesday. For that was the 29th anniversary of when he died.  What a weird way of saying a remembance of a person dieing.  I was on pinterest instead looking at all the beautiful pictures of him.  Lets face it he was an incredibly beautiful man.  I just wish I could have seen him doing what he loved to do.  Music was his love.  I look at pictures of him, and notice that he is most relaxed with a guitar in hand or near a car.  He loved fast cars and his making music.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do you ever just think about what could have been?  So many young people have died needless deaths.  I was just searching the web thinking about some of my old favorite celeb crushes, and remembering those who died way to young.  I remember having a huge crush on River Phoenix.  He was an amazingly talented actor.  It is a shame that he had to get hooked on drugs.  I miss being able to go to the movies and see his gorgeous face on the screen.  Yet that is nothing compare to what I imagine his family must feel.   Then there is Jonathan Brandis.  Also another talented actor we lost way to early.  Unfortunately we lost him to a needless suicide.  I remember not wanting to miss one episode of SeaQuest DSV, just because of him.  Lastly I was also remembering Corey Haim. He was one that stole our hearts in Lucas and continued to steal them in the Lost Boys.  My childhood and teen years were spent dreaming of these guys and the parts they played.  I know they will always hold a spot in my heart and a smile in my memories.   I wish they were all around today to bring not just their fans joy, but laughter to their family's hearts and minds. So  instead of new memories I'll just have to say a prayer for these departed souls, and hope to give my love ones another hug.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OK so I am reading two books on Ricky Nelson at the same time.  One is called Ricky Nelson: Idol For a Generation by Joel Selvin, the other is Lonesome Town The Real Story Of "America's Favorite Family" by Jim Brady.  Both are out of print and seem to tend to the gossip side of things.  Yet when it comes to celebs most will be that way.  I am probably in the minority of Ricky fans who like Lonesome Town better.  I like almost all who have lived decades past their favorite celebs death wish for them to have had one more day here.  I wonder what Rick would think of the technology that is out there.  I know he would be proud of his kids.  I still get mad when I think of people trying to blame the crash on drugs.  The people who knew Rick seem to have been made better people just by being present at some point in his life.  For those of us who never knew him, we along with those who loved him in the flesh at least have his songs.  I tend to gravitate towards his stuff from the 70's when he was writing a lot of his own songs.  They above all else tell us we all lost a man of great intelligence and compassion.  I just know that when I have a bad day his voice will always be there to sooth frayed nerves.  I hope that with his son's Sam efforts to bring the Adventures out that he may reach the next generation. Until then I'll say a prayer for him.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Who Are My dead crushes?

Ricky Nelson

Elvis Presley

What is Dead Crush Dreams?
    It is a place for me to talk about my dead celebrity crushes.  My frustrations with Family and to get back into the habit of writing.  I know this is a boring post but it is a statement post.  I hope to be able to post Pictures of the dead crushes.  I might even post stories or fanfics of the dead celeb.  I hope who ever finds this blog finds it interesting. If you don't that's OK, This is more for me anyways.